Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everett's Big Kid Room

I think Everett's room is so cool. It's definitely my favorite version of his room to date.... because this is his 4th room in 2 1/2 years!

Jake and I had been anxious to switch Everett to the twin mattress (that was given to us) because we really wanted to lay down with him before bed and read as many stories as possible (before bed is the only time he will agree to read stories). About 6 weeks ago we took his crib out of his room and put the mattress on the floor. We wanted him to get used to sleeping on a mattress before we got him a bed. He did pretty good... only rolling off once or twice but he soon learned the ease of getting off his bed and walking out of his room. But, for the most part, he's been pretty good about it. (Although he is going through one of those periods of time where he is just sleeping horribly and waking up 2-3 times a night and getting up for good before 6. It's quite exhausting and I have no idea if any of it is due to sleeping in a big bed.)

About 3 weeks ago we made a bed for him (based off of the farmhouse twin bed plans from Jake made it in 5 hours one Saturday evening. 

(Everett's contribution)

It sat in the garage for an entire week before I found enough energy to sand the sucker. When it was finally sanded, I stained it twice and put two coats of polyurethane on it. That took about 10 days... then a few more days of the bed just handing out in the garage so it wouldn't been fume-y in our house. 

(One day Everett painted on the wood scraps while I stained)

I had plenty of stain and poly left over from when we re-did the top of Everett's dresser... so it matches perfectly. 

His room still has a cars theme with an addition of 3 new airplanes and a few more car themed decorations from Hobby Lobby (my new favorite store!). 

Everett's room was finally done on Friday night but something was just missing. There was a big, empty space on his wall so I looked on pinterest for growth chart ideas and I combined several ideas into this one. 

I put a very light coat of stain on it, painted white stripes, sanded it, then cut out vinyl letters on my cricut, nailed in his previous stats and hung little white tags with his age and height on them. It's probably one of my favorite crafts ever (and it was completely done in one day which makes it even better!).

The little blue bins are filled with toys and the closet has an amazing built-in that holds his books and even more toys. 

I love this little room so much and I enjoy spending more time in it than my own!


  1. 1. Everett is SO TAN
    2. Jake did a GREAT job on that bed
    4. I love his height chart


  2. Super cute! Totally love it :-)