Monday, November 12, 2012

Loving Where We Live

Saturday morning we went out for donuts. There is a local place just a block from our house and the weather was amazing... so why not?!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and it makes me so grateful that we were able to move here in time to enjoy it. Sometimes Jake and I have to pinch ourselves because it's so nice and beautiful we can hardly believe that we actually live here. 

After we ate our donuts we went for a little walk around the pond/lake and Everett got a kick out of the ducks. 

There are ducks and little ponds with fountains everywhere but you aren't allowed to feed the ducks at most of the ponds. But Sunday afternoon we drove to another park that Jake drives by on his way to work that he wanted to check out. 

It was right by the new Gilbert temple. 

There were a few duck ponds there and lots of trails to ride scooters on... Santa is thinking he wants to get Everett a scooter for Christmas :) One lady gave us some bread to throw to the ducks and Everett really loved that. I love nice people!

We're really enjoying where we live and especially living with so much sunshine. It truly makes me happy and it's worth all the trouble we went through to get here!

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  1. You are SO close to my sister! She lives in Gilbert not far from the temple. It's snowy and 30 degrees here so I'm a little jealous ;-)