Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. McStuffins

I think Everett has a crush on Doc McStuffins. 

Doc McStuffins is a new cartoon on Disney Jr. that has taken over Everett's obsession for Chuggington (a train cartoon). He loves to watch Doc McStuffins... she has a magic stethoscope that makes her toys and stuffed animals come to life and she fixes them if they are broken or sick. 

I'm not quite sure if she is the reason behind Everett's new obsession for his stuffed bear or not... but it sure is cute.  

Smu bear used has been around from the very beginning. 

The other day we were at Costco and Everett saw the stuffed animals so we went to check them out. 

He was IN LOVE with the elephant and kept making elephant noises. I let the elephant sit in the cart next to him and before we knew it, elephant was on the conveyor belt and his barcode was scanned.

Like always, we had some lunch after we bought our goods and Everett kept making his elephant noise and wanted his elephant. It was pretty cute. Since the elephant is his new life-sized stuffed animal, we buckled him in the car next to Everett.  Safety first!

One of the things I enjoy most about being a parent is watching my child develop his interests without my help. I never, ever thought that my little boy would love (giant) stuffed animals so much, but he totally does and I think it's pretty awesome. 

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  1. Hi, I am wondering if you could tell me the brand of the elephant? My friend is looking to buy this same elephant and isn't able to find it at any costco. Trying to see if we can find it online somewhere! Thank you!