Saturday, November 17, 2012

SeaLife Aquarium

We took Everett to the aquarium this morning and I'm pretty sure he loves us more because of it. 
He had such a good time checking out the sea life. 

He even got to touch a star fish. I was so proud at how brave he was!

There were a few really cool tanks that you could crawl under and stick your head in. He was a big fan!

He really loved showing off his shark teeth!

My favorite has always been the jellyfish. 

There was a tank full of "Nemos" and "Dorys"  

And a super cool hermit crab.... but I only got a picture of his shell. 

We had such a good time and it was one of those rare family outings when everyone was happy and content and nobody cried. Lol. Everett didn't even cry or get too upset when we had to put the pink, stuffed sea turtle back on the shelf in the gift shop. He's such a good little kid sometimes! But I guess it's hard to misbehave when your parents are so cool and take you to the aquarium on a Saturday morning :)

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