Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seeing The Good

I saw a commercial on BYU-TV a long time ago about seeing the good in the world. Here's some good that has happened to me lately:

When Everett and I are out on our morning walks, the landscapers stop and wait for us to walk by before they start working again. I think it's very considerate.

One evening I spent hours in a fabric store trying to find fabric I wanted to make baby girl's bedding out of. I was standing in line to get it cut and the lady behind me asked what I was making and I told her it was for a nursery. She said it was so beautiful and that I had really good taste... the lady at the cut counter said the same thing. It was so thoughtful of both of them.

I posted a picture of my pregnant belly on Facebook half expecting to get comments like: holy smokes, you're only 22 weeks? but all of the comments were very kind and made me feel so good.

When one of my friends found out that we were having a girl, she went out and bought the cutest little outfit ever and brought it over that night. It made me that much more excited to have a girl!

This morning when Everett and I were filling up our water jugs, the man at the water store gave Everett a scoop of ice cream for free.

It's so nice to see so much good!


  1. Tyrell, honestly your belly is not even Big LOL it looks like the size it should!!!! :)

  2. Sooo I'm thinking now you have to post a sneak peek of your fabric... I might just get upset if you don't ;) I haven't gotten in that mode yet. I'm waiting to unpack boxes then I'm gonna go all crazy nesting! Let's just hope Lee still can stand me when it's done ;) Love this post!