Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Doll Berner... Weeks 20-23

So far, growing a girl is just as hard as growing a boy. 

With Everett I had the WORST heartburn everyday/all day starting around 20 weeks but this time I've only had heartburn twice at night... which is a nice considering. But the trade off is that I've still been feeling nauseous. I'm not sure which one I prefer!

All things considering, I feel pretty good and I'm feeling much more patient and content with my due date. At all of my pre-natal visits prior to this one I would ask when's the soonest you'll induce me!! but I've finally relaxed and I'm good with the second week in March. 

I'm still a little bit in shock that we're having a girl. I have a hard time referring to the baby as a her/she.... but for the sake of practicing, I feel her move a lot. It's almost like she plays jumprope with her umbilical cord! Last night was the first time Jake felt her move and she saved a good kick for him, it was a sweet moment. At the appointment today her heartbeat was a strong 130 bpm. 

I kept really good notes with my first pregnancy and my belly measures the same size per week as it did with Everett but (thank heavens!!!) my chest is three inches smaller and I'm still 5 lbs lighter. According to my week by week pregnancy book, baby girl is now 1 lb and the size of a small doll. So here's the small doll and the other 11 lbs I've stuffed into my belly:

  20 weeks - 21 weeks

 22 weeks - 23 weeks

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