Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Thanksgiving Holiday

Tuesday morning Everett and I played a little dress up while we were waiting for our Thanksgiving guests to arrive. 

 Our guests got here and then we talked, ate baked potatoes with homemade chili (that I made but really wasn't that great), and then played a few rounds of guesstures. If you ever need a good pick-me-up just ask Jake to act out seesaw or swan. He is hilarious

The next day we all went grocery shopping and made pies. Pecan, apple, berry, and two pumpkin pies. My personal favorite has always been the pecan :) 

I think everyone was getting a little bored so we broke out the rock band. 

Thanksgiving day was good; Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic! It was the best Thanksgiving dinner yet. The turkey was perfect and everything else was just as good... mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing with sausage, peas with bacon, broccoli salad, rolls with butter and homemade jam, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, and punch. I ate so much that it hurt for two days. Seriously. I think my body was having a hard time stretching to accommodate my appetite!

Gotta love that my mom held the turkey legs together with a zip tie!

That night my mom, sisters and I braved the line at Target and we ended up with some pretty cool stuff... like three little tutu's and the Cinderella movie for baby girl. 

Friday morning we went to several different stores and I found some cute clothes for my growing little buddy, Everett. My grandma kept talking about how this was her first black Friday shopping experience and how much she loved it. So glad I could help make her dreams come true!

That night we went out for Cafe Rio and played some mini golf. They had Christmas lights set up on one of the courses and Everett was on cloud nine. He loved it. 

Other things to mention: the weather was more than amazing... and although it was a warm 75-85 degrees outside, our pool is like 10 degrees and both my mom and little brother got in. They are a couple of crazies! Also, my grandma really rocked it at the game Fact or Crap. 

I'm so glad my family could come and visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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