Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Point Five

Little boy Everett is 2 1/2 today. 

This is what he's like:
Sometimes he likes putting on his CHEESE face for the camera... sometimes not. 

Sometimes he'll ride his baby 4-wheeler... sometimes not.

He was completely 100% pacifier-free about 3 months ago and then he started sleeping terribly... so I found one last pacifier in his drawer that is old and broken and he sleeps tons better now. I don't think he actually uses it all night, I think it's more of a comfort thing. 

 He is still madly in love with trains and cars. We bought a Thomas train on clearance around Halloween and it came with a poster of the 2011 collection. He studied that thing for weeks. I had to tape it back together because he looked at it so much!

He understands colors and can correctly group 90% of his cars correctly by color. He can point out red, blue, pink, yellow, and green correctly about 70-80% of the time. Today, while coloring with chalk, he correctly pointed out AND SAID blue and pink. So proud! He's also a whiz at shapes (circle, square, diamond, oval, heart, star, rectangle, triangle...)

Potty training is slow going. He completely understands everything but refuses to actually use a potty. So it's almost like we took 3 steps forward and 2 1/2 backwards. We'll just have to wait until he's "interested" in using the potty, I guess.

He's pretty timid and shy around adult strangers but really loves other kids (although Everett is EASILY bullied. He's just too nice and doesn't know how to defend himself yet and I'm actually glad he doesn't pick up on bad behaviors like pushing and hitting). I hung out with him in the church nursery on Sunday and watched as other kids brought him toys and wanted to play with him because the other kids were being rough. He's just so kind and gentle and is devastated when other kids are mean to him.

He's not the kid to run out the front door and into the street, color on the walls, get into make up, ruin my decorations, or any of those dreaded behaviors.

He pretty much becomes paralyzed when his hands get dirty. He can't function until you wipe them off (he totally gets this from Jake)!

He's extremely sensitive and very cautious (he gets this from me) which is funny that he fearlessly jumped off of the couch and onto some pillows tonight. He even recruited his elephant.

He's pretty good at listening although he has his moments.

He's also pretty good at compromising. If he wants a cookie (etc) and is crying about it you have to ask him "did you want a cookie?" for him to stop crying... which he stops and says "yeah" and then you just have to tell him he can have it after dinner and it usually works pretty good. Sometimes I have to repeat the sequence twice, but he understands.

He's been using his imagination a lot more and has become quite attached to his stuffed friends.

He just learned how to jump off the ground and climb a ladder/rock wall within the last 6 weeks. I feel like his muscle tone was low and caused him to be a "late bloomer" in this category... or maybe it was just because he was too cautious.

And, of course, we are still waiting for his language skills to become more developed. Hopefully he is just a late talker and that it isn't anything more serious.

So, that's 2 1/2 year old Everett. Our super sweet, sensitive, caring, cautious, smart, lovable, stubborn, picky, sometimes naughty, funny, bath and haircut hating little boy... whom we love dearly!

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