Friday, November 2, 2012

Vote For Pedro

 My Washington drivers license expired on my 26th birthday... so a few days prior Jake and I survived the 2 hour line at the DMV, got our cars registered, got new drivers licenses, and registered to vote. So we are total, legit AZ residents now. Luckily my drivers license picture turned out pretty good because it will be my picture for the next 39 years! It doesn't expire until 2051! Heck Yes. 

We both miss the WA license plates on our cars... it was kind-of our excuse for not being "up to speed" when navigating the AZ roads!

We were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to vote this year because we had barely registered a mere 33 days before the election... but our ballots came in the mail and Jake sent them off this morning. 

Less than a month after I turned 18 I voted for the first time. It was a freezing November morning and the line was long outside of my old middle school. I knew that it was important for me to vote because my Dad's lunchbox was always plastered with I VOTED stickers and plus, I got extra credit in my government class that semester. 

But I showed up to school that morning with the best excuse in the world for being late... I VOTED for president!

It's my civil right, responsibility, and duty to vote. It makes me feel important and empowered. I'm just glad we got registered in time for this year's election!

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  1. My sister told me a few weeks ago how long the AZ licences are valid. So ridiculous...and awesome. Super cute pic :-)