Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Holiday 2012

 We weren't able to carry on several traditions this year (including cookie decorating and gingerbread house making) which was a huge bummer, but we still had a good Christmas holiday. 

In Everett's true holiday fashion, he got sick. He had a runny nose for an entire week before Christmas, a fever two of those days, and then Christmas Eve morning he got a bunch of chicken pox-like red spots around his mouth and a lighter rash over the rest of his body. But he seemed to feel okay which was good. 

Christmas Eve day my brother and his family came to see us. My dad and his wife (Kelly) were able to come as well and spend a little time with us. They brought some gifts for the boys and they knew exactly what the boys would love. Cars camping chairs, cups, and T-shirt, socks, undies, and a book that makes noises when you lift the flap. Grandparents always give the best gifts!

That night we had the most delicious Christmas ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and punch. After the boys were in bed we watched the nativity story and then went to bed. 

Christmas morning was pretty exciting. Everett was all about ripping the paper off his gifts and loved opening them.  He had the best facial expressions ever!!

 He got some pretty special things including his very own scrapbook to remember the good times on Grandma Pam's little farm in WA and some animal stickers from Aunt Tana in Portland. 

Then he opened his new 'marble run' from Grandma Pam and everything stopped so we could play with it. 

Since my Christmas gift from Jake was my nursery chair, I had two gifts to open that were just mine. One from my Mom and one from my Dad. My mom made me two pillows, a purse and a little make up bag. She's got some pretty mad homemaking skills! My dad gave me a little round wooden 'box' that he made in junior high and it had two of his old pocket watches inside (one of which his sister gave to him prior to his mission when he was 18). My parents know me too well and the gifts that I'll love!

Jake and I Santa got Everett a little scooter. 

It's one where the handle bars don't turn... you have to lean to one side or the other to steer it so it might take a while for him to master. But he rode it all of the way to the park and half of the way back (at least a mile) with our help steering it. 

When we got back from our walk to the park Everett played with his new color changer cars that my mom got him... for 3 hours! He's been dreaming about them for months!

 In the meantime, Jake opened his gifts. A microwave for his new office and a little fire pit for hot dog and marshmallow roasting in the backyard. 

The next day my Dad took us to see Monster's Inc in 3D. Everett wouldn't wear his glasses but was actually pretty good in the theater. We drove to see the new Phoenix temple under construction and then went out to a little diner for dinner. We played Balderdash and ate Kelly's AMAZING fudge that evening while Everett watched Cars. It's been nice spending time with family and celebrating Christ's birth even if we didn't get to all of our Christmas traditions this year. 

I've been feeling an abundance of love for our families lately and I feel so blessed to be part of such a great group of people.  

I especially love and appreciate Jake, Everett, and our little one on they way. I'm so grateful for them and I'm so glad we're a forever family. 

Merry Christmas 2012!

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