Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hard Work

Last Friday night we bought my Christmas present; a nice, filthy, display model rocking chair & ottoman for the nursery. 

It was dirty dirty dirty. I sat in it for a long time at the baby store. It was extremely comfortable but just so dirty. Before we decided to buy it I thought about getting it professionally cleaned, cleaning it myself, buying a slip cover, or reupholstering it. I decided that I'd just reupholster it so that I could have exactly the look I was going for. So we bought it and brought it home. It was in the nursery overnight and by Saturday morning I decide that It was too filthy to be in my new baby room and needed to be worked on right away. 

Turns out the timing of this chair worked out pretty good. Jake was in his final week of training so I pretty much was a single mom all week. I had naptime everyday and all evening to work on this bad boy. 

I was really nervous to reupholster the chair... I started by taking every single staple out and removing every piece of fabric. I was left with some wood scraps and foam. I was blown away that they charge $599+ for these chairs. 

I used the fabric pieces I took off as a pattern. I estimated that I'd need 5 yards of fabric. 

I was way off. I ended up using 8 yards and this is the only fabric left! It was such a huge project. The back cushion alone had 11 pieces!

It was such a ridiculously huge project, no wonder I was nervous. It took forever to finish. (Just the seat cushion took 6+ hours). I was exhausted and our house was a disaster by the time I was done. But I finished last night and I couldn't be more satisfied. It looks amazing.

Now that it's done and I look back on the pictures from last week I'm actually shocked we paid over $100 for such a nasty piece of furniture. BUT it didn't stink, it wasn't 'old', I liked the style, and it's really comfortable. AND I completely understand why these chairs are so spendy now that I've reupholstered one. Holy hotdogs, I doubt I will ever reupholster another one! It was intense. 

Friday night we went out to celebrate Jake's training completion (and I was definitely celebrating that my chair was done) . It was the first time Everett saw his Dad in a week! (too bad he was really into coloring his menu!)

Outside of the restaurant they had this really cool water fountain that was synchronized to Christmas music and Everett thought it was awesome. 

Afterwards we went into the mall, checked out the Christmas decorations, went up and down the escalator 10,000 times, hung out in the Disney store, and then finally came home. I'm sure that was EXACTLY what Jake had in mind when he thought about celebrating his 4 month long (super intense) job training! 

Regardless, we're both so grateful that this week is over!

We are so relieved and grateful that he's done with his training and that we have the next few days to spend together. We haven't been able to do very much Christmas season celebrating and I'm bummed that we probably won't keep several traditions going this year, but we are alive, we have each other, and we get to celebrate Christ's birth together and those are some of the most important things. 


  1. Hey, where's the after picture?! I read all the way to the end in hopes I'd see one. By the way, I'm very impressed (as usual)

  2. Um, yes, where is that after pic?!!! And I totally relate. This year was crazy, and I didn't get in all the festive activities I wanted to, but I'm just actually kinda happy the craziness has come to an end. I'm EXHAUSTED lol.