Saturday, December 8, 2012

Keepin' It Real

I believe in keeping life real. That's why I spill my guts out about everything, good and bad. 

The other night I wanted to go to a craft store so I left Jake and Everett at home. I got a picture text about a half hour later. Jake and Ev had made a cape out of Jake's old T-shirt! Jake has to be one of the coolest dads ever!

Jake is working so much right now (like 70-80 hours a week, seriously). He has to, it's part of his training for his new job. We are both so used to him working ridiculous hours, but it's still hard. He wakes up, showers, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, plays with Ev, helps him brush his teeth, reads him stories, puts him to bed, and then works for another 4-6 hours. It's so exhausting for both of us because he works Saturday too. 

But his training is over at the end of the year and we are both looking forward to that. Even though the last 15 months of our lives have been a whirlwind and it has taken so much work to get here, we are so so so so happy to be living here. It makes me so happy to wake up every day and know that the sun will shine! It's amazing. 

Tonight I sent Ev and Jake to take the trash out (Ev earns a quarter for his piggy bank every time he takes the trash out) and Everett wanted to stay outside. So I brought them blankets and books and they read outside for over a half hour. It was cute. 

It's been about 5-10 degrees warmer than usual (so I've heard, I really have no idea) and it is the most amazing thing ever. It's December and it's still at least 70 degrees. I love it so much. Everett and I go to the park every single day and the Winter weather is to die for. It's like Summer in the Winter and SUPER Summer in the Summer. 

On the way home from the park the other day, Everett wanted to get out of the stroller and run... barefoot over 1/3 mile. He ran the whole way. He's done it twice since then. Maybe he'll be a runner someday. 

I feel like Everett has given me a fair dose of challenges. I'm never shy about admitting how inadequate I feel about being his mom. But there is something really special about this little guy. He is so sweet, gentle, caring, nice, and polite. Like everyone, he has his moments of rotten-ness but I couldn't be more excited for him to be a big brother to a little sister.

We have been able to play with a lot of kids at the park lately. Everett is so good at sharing, taking turns, and just being nice. When a new girl comes to play and is walking towards the park, he will run to her and either give her a hug or hold her hand until she gets to the playground. He only does this with girls. It's ADORABLE and I have no idea where he learned it. (He hates playing with mean kids... he just doesn't understand them.) He's my little buddy and I love him so much! 

(Ev and I watching Monsters Inc. in our mosh pit of a bedroom.) 

My belly is growing at warp speed. I look at pictures from my last pregnancy and I'm blown away at how huge I am. From the very, very beginning (12 weeks) my doctor has been telling me to cut down on my sugar intake because that's a huge contributor to by belly size. I have such a hard time NOT eating sugar... which is why I look so giant. 

I've been eating massive amounts of sugar my entire life but I can't work it off right now like I normally can. Besides eating waaaay too much sugar, I'm actually a very healthy person. Jake and I had to get a bunch of testing done for our new health insurance and I scored super good on everything. They kept telling me how healthy I was and I didn't have the guts to tell them that I can eat half of a pecan pie by myself... in one day. But I guess my really healthy choices help cancel out the bad... like oatmeal for dinner without sugar/butter/milk and my spinach smoothies for breakfast. 

What I'm trying to say is that I'm HUGE right now but it's my own fault. I'm thinking about working on my self control, lol! If I don't, I might give birth to a baby and a few sugar cubes too!

Well, that's the 'real' in our lives right now. 

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