Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mostly Good

In a few short months Jake and I have become little pansies.

It's been much cooler these last few days (still in the 50's-60's) but we miss the warm. Last night Jake even said "I know I'll take this back, but I miss Summer!"

Friday and Saturday were cold and wet. It made us LOVE living here even more as the weather outside made us remember why we worked so hard to move here. 

Friday night we went out looking for my Christmas gift... a rocking chair for baby girl's nursery. I've been looking for months and the price tags are quite steep for a comfortable chair. We hated ourselves for not getting a rocking chair with Everett and I was afraid we'd just end up with another uncomfortable chair because the nice ones are almost robbery. But we ended up finding an extremely comfortable "sofa rocking chair" on clearance from $599 to $119. It was beige and the floor model so it needs to be recovered... but to save $480 we were all over it (even though it will be a lot of work and we still need to buy the fabric to recover it- it's still worth it to me). 

So I spent a little time on Saturday pulling out staples with a flat-head screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Everett stole my pliers when I wasn't looking...

Saturday is our family date night. Last week we were headed to dinner and Jake spotted "Lightning McQueen" in a parking lot! Everett loved it. (We can't wait to take him to Disneyland. Maybe in a few years). 

It was sunny and beautiful out, like usual. 

This Saturday was quite the opposite. It was rainy and cold but Everett didn't seem to mind! He loved splashing and jumping in the water. 

 I was cold so I asked Jake if he could get me a "hate" and a scarf out of the garage...

Jake is so awesome. He's my favorite person ever!

After Everett went to bed on Friday, Jake and I laid on our bed and talked for hours. About life and love, parenting, the future, the past, work, the way we grew up, the size of my belly, the church, how we got here and what's next. We just talked for hours and we felt like we were dating again. And we came to the conclusion that life it good. Sometimes bad, but mostly good. 

And then the sun came out this morning and we were able to walk to church- like normal. 

Life really is good.

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