Thursday, December 6, 2012

Name Hunting

Tonight was hilarious. 

We had a Christmas function at the church just for the women. About 2 months ago the ward boundaries were reorganized so most of the women don't know each other very well so it was kind-of a get-to-know-you night as well. 

We wore name tags, which is ALWAYS a conversation starter because most people don't associate the name Tyrell with white or woman. 

I sat next to a lady that might just have to be my new best friend. She was hilarious. We talked about WA (she has friends from our old city and is going there for Christmas), about naming this child in my belly, and we even discovered that she knows 90% of my family that lives in Northeast AZ. 

She is a vice principle at a school around here and was a great resource for names... which is mostly what we talked about. 

I told her how I freak out a little when it comes to naming our children because I want a name that 
#1 People can spell/would be hard to misspell
#2 People can pronounce  (Growing up, I was always Ter-rell Belvins... it was horrible)
#3 Is still fairly unique
but that's actually a very tall order to fill. We thought Everett was fool proof but many people still pronounce his name Ev-er-ett (it's just "Ev-rhett") and we've had several people add an extra E at the end when spelling it (ironically Jake even created the picture file "Everette" when he imported our pictures from the hospital after Ev was born).

So anyways, this new friend of mine was trying to think of some unique names of girls in her school. The very first one she said was "Electronica" and I laughed so hard and for so long that I don't remember any of the other names. It still makes me smile. (She also told me about a boy named Tory because he was conceived in a Ford Taurus. Can you imagine actually telling your child this?!)

When she found out that our last name was Berner, she said we should name our daughter Blaise (Blaze). To say the least, we are still name hunting.

About a month ago I asked for name suggestions on Facebook. We got several good suggestions but my favorite was a link to a you tube video. I laughed until I cried watching it the first three times!

I'm actually quite in love with one of the names but Jake has just as much say in this as I do... so we'll see. 


  1. I really want to know which name you like from the video. I watched it again last week. I love it and am missing utah haha

  2. just text me the name you like. haha you know the area code 222-3916

  3. me too!!! text me lol 651 7289 you know the area code! :)

  4. Oh that is so funny, I went online to find Utah names once because I like a lot of the normal spelled names there. Our girl name has always been Brynnlie (since before Sawyer) which was in the video so now I'm self-conscious if it is weird even if I know of 2 of them in WA haha! I wont need it for a few years at least though (if ever) so maybe it won't be weird by then. They need a boy version of this!