Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sparkly White Snowflakes

On Tuesday I got this bright idea to make some snowflakes with Everett. I asked him if he wanted to make "popsicle stick" snowflakes with me and he yelled "YEZT!"

He was so excited and ran and opened the freezer. His poor heart was broken when I pulled out the box of sticks and told him we didn't have any popsicles. 

I quickly glued some snowflakes together and then Everett painted them all white.

I sprinkled glitter onto them while they were still wet.

He's a pretty good painter! I loved how concentrated he was while he was painting... maybe he'll be my little craft buddy. I can't wait to decorate cookies with him and see how much he likes that!

When all of the snowflakes were dry, I hot-glued them to some string and hung them on the mantle. 

Now our living room decorations are complete. Since our living room was already decorated with several blue things, I just stuck with the blue theme and put blue, silver, and white ornaments on the tree...

...along with some beads, ribbon, jewels, stars and anything else I had in our Christmas box. 5 years ago I made some Christmas tree "garland" out of string and broken mirrors. It's pretty awesome and adds some sparkle when the lights are plugged in. So I threw that on the tree too!

( P.s. Megan, the Christmas tree skirt is just a fluffy white blanket I wrapped around the bottom, we don't actually own a tree skirt.) 

Sometimes I struggle between having a "themed" tree vs. a tree with things on it that actually mean something... but this year I don't have to worry too much because Everett helped make the snowflakes, so I don't feel bad at all! 

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