Friday, December 28, 2012

The Chair

I realized that I didn't post an after picture of the chair I worked so hard on.... and that's because I didn't take an after picture until today! So here's a post designated just to the new nursery chair. 

But first, I have to show how nasty it was again!

The chair was covered in a nice beige material with a small, subtle pattern (that the dirt magnified) as seen below:

So here's the before and after:

Now it's covered in bright white with a more bold pattern. 

Here's my little model, Everett. 

The rocking ottoman is great for running in the room and jumping on belly first and "flying" back and forth! I have a feeling this might be his preferred activity while I sit in the chair and nurse for hours on end. 

I really love how it turned out. It took forever and I worked so hard, but it paid off. 

When I took the chair all apart, I was able to reuse the seat cushion zipper and all of the piping. I also found a little note from whomever built the chair: (that's what they say)

The back cushion in not removable... I think that's why it was such a beast to sew because after taking it apart, I had 11 pieces to fit back together! 

A few more close up pictures...

I worked on reupholstering the chair for about 6+ hours everyday for 6 days. It took me so long because I completely took the fabric apart and made sure I cut every piece with the pattern going the right direction. I also took pictures as I went and labeled every piece to make sure I knew how to put it back together.  

Of course the chair didn't turn out flawless (I didn't expect it to) but I wanted to be happy with my work because I knew I'd be sitting in the chair for hours and hours. I ripped out and had to re-sew several of my seams and broke three needles in the process, but in the end I'm happy with the nursery chair!

And I'm just going to throw this out there... if I can do it with my supper-cheepy-Walmart-special-sewing-machine-bought-off-craigslist sewing machine and my average sewing skills, anybody could pull this off. 


  1. Wow, mad skills. I can't even thread the dang machine properly so my attempts at sewing stop there. It looks so good! A tip I would have is to make sure you have a blanket to lay on it when she's brand new due to the projectile tendencies of infant poo. LOL!

  2. Wrong. Anyone could not pull that off! Looks awesome. Super impressed!

  3. WOW, ya there's not a chance I could pull that off. Looks amazing!!