Friday, January 25, 2013

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Everett is talking a little big more and it's the sweetest thing. 

He really loves this hand-me-down book that my mom gave us called Blue Hat, Green Hat. After we read it to him the first several times he started to laugh and think it was funny. Now he likes to read it to us. It's adorable. 

Most of the book goes something like this:

and it always ends with the "oops" turkey. 

He knows his colors and can say them, but he usually just points to each color/animal and makes a noise and then says "oops" and laughs when he gets to the turkey. It's fantastic. 

Most likely he'll still go to speech therapy preschool once he turns three, but these little successes along the way are so cute and I'm loving every new word he tries to say!

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