Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I would have never imagined all of the things I've learned about the human body before becoming a mother. 

In the past 3+ years of being pregnant and raising a little guy, I've learned a lot about the body and how it functions (especially how your bottom works, lol!).  

Everett was sick during Christmas with a runny nose, fever, weird red blister bumps, two days later he threw up for the very first time (ever) and he was just a sad sight. It's always hard to see your child sick. 

But he got better. 

Then we noticed a large bump behind his ear/on his neck. 

And it wasn't going away. 

We did a lot of research and reading via the Internet (which is NOT always a reliable source, but still had good information) and called the 1-800 nurse line attached to our health insurance plan. 

His lymph nodes/glands behind his ear were swollen (most likely from his Christmas sickness). They were very big and not going away. Then he threw up again a few days ago and Jake and I decided it was probably time to get him checked out. 

I was ready to accept the fact that this might be the beginning of a long road of testing and Dr. visits, a lot of worry and tears. 

But we took him to the Dr. today and found out that he's a healthy, 'normal' boy. Lymphoma isn't a worry. His glands are most definitely swollen but it is very likely they'll stay that way forever (since it's already been 30 days). As long as it doesn't grow, become hard as a rock, or have glands in several places of his body that are also swollen, he's okay. 

As he grows and his neck gets bigger, we'll probably notice it less. And we're so grateful that it's not even worrysome-enough to get a biopsy done (because Everett really is a horrible patient... it took three people to get his height and weight after screaming and tears... 38 inches/75% and 30.5 lbs/50%). And plus, I don't think I could handle it... I'm barely strong enough to clean him up after he throws up because it makes me so sad to see him sick. We make quite the pair. 

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