Friday, January 4, 2013

The January Realist

Ever since we moved here I can't remember what month it is. This is why... I took this picture yesterday and it's JANUARY!!

Not September or October... January. Our driveway is littered with fallen leaves, it's windy and chilly but sunny. Everything is telling me that it's Fall except the calendar!

But honestly, even if I can't keep my months straight right now, I'm more grateful than ever that it's January and that 2012 is done. I would hate to have to re-live 2012 even though it was packed full of blessings and good things. It was just super crazy and hard too. 

2013 is bound to be another challenging year as we welcome our second child (and sleep even less than we do now!), move for the 9,000th time in July/August when our lease is up (Jake's office is currently 30 miles away), and work hard to build a new career (that means long days for both Jake and myself). But again, I know the blessings will be great and our year will be full of joy along the way. 

I guess sometimes I sound like a real pessimist... but honestly, I'm just being a realist. And because I'm a realist, I know that I chose all three of those things and I welcome them.

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