Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Mine

The flower delivery man knocked on our door on Valentines Day morning. And delivered these flowers.

Too bad they were for my neighbor who wasn't home because she was taking her son to preschool and the delivery man didn't want to leave them on her doorstep to get ruined. And the best part? Jake answered the door! He felt awesome. So I got to enjoy some beautiful flowers for a few hours until she got home. 

Apparently at one point in our relationship I told Jake that I didn't like getting flowers. LOL! What a guy! (I'm pretty sure I said something to the effect that if he were to spent $50+ on flowers I'd rather get something that wasn't going to die instead... but 15 bucks on some cheap flowers is perfect!)

Everett and I wasted no time Valentines Day morning... we got to baking right away. Strawberry cake. 

As soon as it came out of the oven we were off to a Valentine's party where Everett ate as much sugar as he could! It was such a cute party.  

When we got home I made Jake and Everett some Valentine truffles while Everett napped. 

Jake came home early so that I could go to my Dr. appointment. We're getting to the end where we have to do those ugly appointments and I really didn't want to have to bring Everett. 

And I just want to throw this in here because it's a day of love... I LOOOOVE my Dr. 
He is so awesome that it almost makes me dislike my previous OBGYN. He is seriously my favorite. Plus the office gave me two roses because it was Valentines Day!

When I got home we made heart-shaped BBQ chicken pizza for dinner and it was sooooo good. 

Everett had a good time blowing out the candles and not eating a single bite of dinner but learning a new word... cake!

(Too bad he didn't get any)

Jake and I exchanged gifts... he got 9 new pairs of dress socks, 5 sticks of deodorant, and 2 bags of peanut M&M's and I got a pizza stone, a hilarious card, and peanut M&M's. We are so awesome. 

Funny thing is that the pizza stone totally blows. Maybe we just don't know how to use it right because the outside of the pizza was burnt but the middle was still dough. Good thing I made a back-up on our trusty ole' cookie sheet... that turned out perfect. That didn't really make Jake feel any more awesome than getting your neighbor's wife's flowers delivered to your house on Valentine's Day!

But what is awesome is Everett. Who had a good time drinking water from a fancy glass. 

I had such a fantastic day and it was fun sharing how much I love Jake and Everett. They both make me so happy and I'm so lucky to have them as 'mine'.

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