Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Journal.... Ahhhhhh Calm Down

Dear Journal,

It seems like my life is a nice healthy cycle of freaking out and then calming down.

I guess that's pretty normal. I think.

On Valentines day, while I was delivering my neighbors flowers to her, we talked about Everett hanging out at her house when I go into labor until my mom can drive the 7+ hours from Colorado. She has a little boy 6 weeks younger than Everett and they get along really well. I think it will all work out just fine.

I also had a Dr. appointment on Valentines day and expressed my many, many concerns and asked dozens of questions (because I'm still heartbroken about our friends that lost their baby). He calmed my fears and told me exactly what he would do in each scenario I gave him.

I've been freaked out for months that this baby was going to be huge but my sweet, sweet doctor ordered an ultrasound just to calm my wild imagination and as of Monday, she's a healthy 7 pounds. If she stays in the oven until her due date she could be 8.5 pounds but I'm pretty sure everyone in the universe is hoping she'll come early for my sanity (and theirs because I can't stop complaining even though pregnancy and giving life is such a beautiful thing).

Also on Valentines day (it was a very good day full of love) a friend offered to throw me a baby shower. How sweet is that!

Jake hasn't had as many late appointments this past week and Everett has been napping again.

Just thought I'd share that my life always finds a way of working itself out. Thankfully.


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  1. I think you passed your freak outs on to me... but I'm glad you are feeling better ;)