Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dreaming... Weeks 32-35

About two weeks ago I had a dream that I gave birth to our daughter again (second dream about this) but this time instead of Jake delivering the baby, I delivered it.

I was alone in my hospital room, not a person in sight. She was calm and happy and I remembered she only opened one eye at first. I weighed her myself (7 lbs 11 oz) and then measured her (20.75 inches). And then the strangest thing happened... I left her somewhere (I have no idea where) and went home and told Jake that I just had the baby. He didn't really believe me because I still looked pregnant and then I started to get worried that she'd die because I hadn't fed her yet. Then I found her and nursed her. I couldn't stop starting at her and thinking about how happy I was and how much I loved her.

It was kind-of a strange dream and I'm a little worried that both dreams I've had about our baby girl don't have doctors or nurses!

This was the third dream I've had about our baby. The first dream was an 11lb boy, second dream was a 6lb 12oz girl born at 31 weeks and delivered at home by Jake, and the third dream was a 7lb 11oz girl delivered by me at the hospital.

I guess I'm just dying to have this baby so I keep dreaming about it!

I'm big. I feel like she's growing pretty big too.

                                         32 Weeks - 33 weeks

                                         34 Weeks - 35 Weeks

I'm a huge complainer when it come to being pregnant. I STILL feel sick and I've actually been counting down the days for a few weeks now. My belly sits right on top of my lap when I sit down. It has for about 2 1/2 months. Bending over is almost impossible. My heartburn is insane at night. I tire easily but I'm still grateful to be pregnant. I know several women that would be willing to be 9 months pregnant for 5 years if it meant they could have a baby... so this is nothing compared to that. 

Between 33 and 34 weeks she dropped and I felt every second of it. I can't accurately remember if it was that painful with Everett or not. She's getting ready to come out, her head is down, her back is up my left side and her arms and legs to my right. I was wondering why I was looking so lopsided lately!

I'm pretty sure I'm ready. I just finished washing the car seat cover, a few blankets, my nursing bras and my hospital bag is almost packed. I wake up at night and all I can think about is labor and delivery. I usually don't fall asleep for a few hours after that. 

Dr. said he'd start striping my membranes at 38 weeks... that's 21 days away! Plus there's a full moon on Feb 25 so that might help. I would be crazy happy if she came this month. I'm sure I'll just keep dreaming about it and maybe it will happen!


  1. How exciting. Your pregnancy has gone so fast to me!

  2. If u have your baby before me I will be soooo mad!!!!! Lol but I understand being miserable cause I am there too.....hang in there!!!!!

  3. Oh boy! Almost time! I've been lopsided on the other side haha they could high-five each other.

  4. I can't believe you are so close! So exciting 😀

  5. You look great! It's all belly! Dreams are so weird! I had one the other night and you were teaching me how to properly photograph a "squiggly tree" ( whatever that is) haha.