Sunday, February 10, 2013

He Has A Plan

I met a girl at church a few months ago who was also expecting and had just moved to the area. So we sat next to each other on Sundays and talked about our pregnancy woes, the weather, raising our toddlers, living in a new area without any family, etc

She has a little girl Everett's same age and expecting a baby boy on my very same due date. It was cute to have flip-flopped families.

Last week we stood in the hallway for a while (while our husbands talked) after we dropped our kids off at nursery. She had been in the hospital the day before with contractions and they said she definitely wouldn't make it to her due date.

I was jealous. Her goal was to make it to 37 weeks to ensure the baby's lungs were fully developed.

After church we talked about getting together to hang out and let our little kids play. Our husbands had exchanged phone numbers weeks earlier and I told her that I would have Jake get her number from her husband because we didn't have anything to write on.

All week I kept remembering and forgetting to have Jake get her number.

We didn't see them in church this morning and we wondered if they had had their baby. Then I found out a little later that their baby boy had passed away yesterday and that they were going to induce labor today.

When we got in the car after church I told Jake and we just sat there and cried.

We are so heartbroken for them. We can't imagine one of the happiest times in our lives becoming one of the saddest in a matter of days. I stand in our nursery and see our baby's name on the wall and clothes in her closet and I've been dreaming of her arrival for so long... it just hurt to know that my friend has been doing the same thing and doesn't get to bring her little boy home. Or watch him grow up.

My heart is broken for our friends. I know that God has a plan for all of us. He has a plan for our friends, their family and their little boy.


  1. That is heartbreaking. Send her my love... even though I don't know her. It is so hard to watch people go through such trials. Oh man.

  2. I needed to read this blog tonight....while I am SO SORRY for her, and CANNOT imagine that, I know WE all have a plan, and we must endure trials... Thoughts to her and her sweet baby boy

  3. After I read this I held my baby girl and cried. For your friend and anyone who has had to endure that pain. I wonder how anyone can go through hard trials without knowing of the plan of salvation. I'm glad your friend has the gospel and I will pray for her. And for you and your sweet little girl. I'll be thinking of you till your Little Miss gets here!