Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jake And His Safeway Runs

Jake is my favorite person ever. For lots of reasons. But here's one more. 

We were getting things ready to do our taxes and it was my job to go through our home improvement receipts from 2012 and add everything up. 

Jake's office in WA was right next to a Safeway and a Home Depot. 

Sandwiched between all of the Home Depot receipts I found a few Safeway receipts that, of course, had nothing to do with our home improvements. 

Here's what I found:

Soy Milk
Maple Donuts
Monster Energy Drink
Maple Donuts
Candy Raisinets
Monster Energy Drink
Junior Mints (4 boxes)
Maple Donuts
Potato Salad
Egg Roll
Diet Coke w/lime
Jojo Potato Wedges
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Kinda looks like he got the munchies at work a few times from staying up hours past midnight every night trying to finish the house!

It's a good thing I try really hard to make healthy dinners because it looks like he loves maple donuts, monster energy drinks, candy, and the deli and I'm all about homemade baked goods. We make quite the pair and we're SUCH good examples to Everett!

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