Sunday, February 17, 2013

Riding On Memories

Jake spent a good chunk on his childhood on the back of a dirt bike.

It's what he grew up doing and has the best memories doing it. I always wished we owned a dirt bike as a kid and I guess that wish came true when Jake proposed to me... he proposed with a ring and a dirt bike and I was still kind-of a kid! 

Everett didn't really love our quads for quite some time but now he LOVES them. In AZ they are street legal so Jake takes him on rides around the neighborhood pretty often.  

Yesterday was so sunny, perfect, and warm. This is Everett hangin' out in the sunshine at 9 am. 

After soakin' up the sun for a while Jake and Everett went to a nearby dirt bike shop just to check things out. Jake always loved doing that with his dad. 

Everett came home and did some riding of his own...

We all went grocery shopping and then decided last-minute to load up the quads and do a little riding. 

Everett loves riding so much, it's adorable. Jake said that the entire time he said: "Oooooo, woah, oooooo....."

Every time we stopped he wanted to keep going. 

We had a good time. 

Our friends had asked us to baby sit their little boy that night and we said 'of course'. 

We took him and Everett out for pizza and we were there for less than 5 minutes when the little boy threw up everywhere. (He wasn't sick, just has REALLY weak gag reflexes) and Jake-the-saint cleaned it up. 

I'm so glad Jake was able to spend some time with us yesterday and re-live some of his favorite childhood memories. Hopefully we can do it again and again (minus the cleaning up throw up part!).  

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