Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 For 3

Well, I thought that I'd take a short break from wallowing in self pity- I still have about 10 days to go (don't you think 3-3-13 would have been a pretty sweet birthday)- and write a little bit about this little boy of ours.

He has turned into such a little sweet heart.

I can CLEARLY remember how hard it was for the first couple of years. It was really hard. But now he is such a sweet little guy. He's just like his mom and dad... he's a people pleaser and a peacemaker.

His nursery leaders at church say that he is very obedient, kind, nice, and gets concerned when other kids aren't following directions. He's very competitive when it comes to who can clean up the most toys. He's a little clone of his parents!

He's sensitive.

He is talking a lot more and now he will actually try to say words (before he just would make a grunting sound) but he's still mostly saying one syllable words. He calls me "B" (we have no idea why but it's adorable), and he calls milk "bops".

One morning he ran into our room, climbed up onto the bed and announced "poops!" I asked him if he pooped and he said "BIG." It's fun having him talk a little more.

He still has to have MiraLax every night and to make sure he drinks it all we put it in some milk before bed. Jake brought home chocolate syrup several weeks ago and now he has to have "chalk bops" every night.

He gives the sweetest kisses and always makes the muuuuah sound. He kisses my tummy.

He is a little weirded out that baby sister's car seat is in the car. Hopefully it will make since to him soon!

We still have bad days and I have to bribe him to take naps by giving him oreos. And there are the days when all he wants to do it play with my phone. And the days when he cries in the grocery store check out and the days when he's just being a punk.

He seems much younger to me than other kids his age when it comes to some of his developmental milestones (like talking) but he seems so emotionally ahead of his peers.

He's becoming a little bit more brave.

I had him signed up for a couple of parks and rec classes before Christmas and it wasn't that awesome. After about the second class he was very uninterested (because the teacher did the same thing every week) and by about the 4th or 5th class he just refused to go in. I was actually kind-of glad because I was bored of them too! But he seems to do better doing things in groups and with other people when I'm not there. Like nursery. When I'm there he just clings to me.

He was once potty trained but then started peeing all over the carpet etc. so he's been back in diapers for several months. But now that it's warming up he'll probably spend a lot of time outside and naked so we'll start the process all over again.

He's very particular. There's a way he wants things to be done!

That's our little Everett. 3 more months until he'll be 3. He's been our baby for so long it'll be nice to see him grow as a big brother.

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