Friday, March 15, 2013

Brecklyn's Birth Story

I would have never imagined that Brecklyn would be born the way she was.

Almost everything about pregnancy, labor, and delivery were completely different between Everett and Brecklyn.

*Recap of Everett's labor and delivery: very first contraction was insane and from that contraction until I was dilated to a 10 was 6 hours. Because I was in so much pain I asked for drugs prior to an epidural and those drugs made me super sleepy and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Between those drugs and the epidural I literally couldn't feel a thing which resulted in me pushing for 3.5+ hours and they had to use the vacuum/suction to help get him out. Everett's vitals weren't good and they told me afterwards that they should've just done a c-section. When Everett was finally born I didn't even see him until he was bathed, swaddled, and had a hat on. I was so numb to the entire experience. 

Brecklyn's birth was entirely different. 

We were scheduled for a voluntary outpatient induction for Sunday at 2:30 pm. Basically they would give me a set of gels that would soften my cervix and hopefully send me into labor within a few days. About 70% of outpatient inductions go home and come back a day or two later.

My mom drove from Colorado and got here late Saturday night. Everett was a huge fan and didn't waste anytime playing and wrestling with her.

Sunday morning we walked to church, I was so hot and had to keep scooting away from Jake all through church, we walked home, ate lunch and then went for a walk around the block. My dad stopped by for a few minutes and wished me good luck and then Jake and I went to the hospital.

(the tiny room where they decide if you're in labor or not)

They hooked me up to the monitors and had to monitor me for 20-30 minutes while asking me all the medical questions.

After the 30 minutes my nurse kept asking me if I could feel the contractions that were registering on the monitors. I told her that I could but I just didn't consider them contractions because the only contractions I ever felt with Everett were the "I'm going to die" contractions and these weren't as strong.

The nurse told me since I was already dilated to a 4, about 60% effaced, and at -3 station and having contractions that we would just wait and see if I continued to make progress on my own. After a while we walked around the hospital and let everyone stare at my monstrosity one last time.

They fed me dinner and Jake went home to eat some dinner and bring back our hospital bags. Around 6:30 my nurse checked me again and I was dilated to a 6, 80% effaced, and at a -2 station so she admitted me as in inpatient induction. I was pretty happy that I was making so much progress and I kept forgetting that I hadn't even been given anything to help. I was technically in labor all on my own.

Once we got to our birthing suite I called my mom and asked her to bring a pillow and blanket for Jake and we walked around for about an hour. We got back to our room about 7:45 and a few minutes later nurse Kevin walked in and introduced himself. He was so cool right away and I was so happy he was our nurse. They work 12 hour shifts and make shift changes at 7 so I was happy we had a cool nurse for labor and delivery. He checked me and I hadn't made any progress at all.

So he started me on Pitocin at 8 pm to see if that would help. We started at a 1 since my body is so sensitive to drugs.

I had steady contractions all night. Every 1 to 3 minutes. The pain was bearable and I decided that I'd wait until I couldn't take it anymore to have an epidural. 

So I labored like that all night.

Nurse Kevin was a saint. He came in and checked on my progress like clockwork. He cheered me on and kept telling me I was one of the most patient moms he'd ever seen and that I was the talk of the night. We kept upping the Pitocin to see if it would speed things up. I was dilated to an 8, 90% effaced, and at 0 station and I still hadn't had an epidural. He kept telling me how strong I was.

I kept praying all night that I would progress faster because I didn't know how much longer I could take it. But deep down I knew that whatever happened was what was supposed to happen. It's almost hard for me to believe that I was so faithful and patient at the end of such a long and painful journey. 

Kevin and I knew that I probably wasn't going to make any more progress until my water broke and only my Dr. could break it. My Dr. actually doesn't deliver babies anymore unless it's a family member/special friend. I had been so concerned for this entire pregnancy about the delivery and pushing because I really didn't want to repeat my previous experience. So he made special arrangements to be my delivery Dr. and he wasn't going to be in until 6:30 am.

I literally labored all night from 8 pm to 6:30 am and only dilated from a 6 to an 8. I was so discouraged and sooooo exhausted. Every time I asked Kevin about an epidural he kept cheering me on and telling me that I could do it. He knew that I really wanted to feel when my body needed to push and going through delivery without an epidural was my best chance of that. I kept thinking I could be in minimal pain and sleeping right now if I just had an epidural. But this pregnancy was pretty painful for me so one more night was like the 25th mile in a marathon. I was going to keep going and finish this thing.

I loved nurse Kevin. I owe my birthing experience to him.

At 6:42 Monday morning Dr. Watters came in, broke my water, and told me there was still time for an epidural if that's what I wanted but told me I wouldn't feel the same urge to push.

My contractions got worse and then were SO BAD. They were the "I AM DYING" contractions. Plus I was still on Pitocin so they were the most insane contractions of all time. After about 5 of them I told Jake to call nurse Kevin because I wasn't going to survive another minute.

Kevin came in and I said: "Kevin, I can't so this. I seriously can't breathe and I don't know how I can push and breathe through these contractions when it comes time."

So he gave me the oxygen mask and reassured me that I could do it.

Then my body pretty much started convulsing and I told him that I was having this baby right now. About half way through my contractions my body was pushing the baby out and I couldn't help but push with it.

It was 7:15 and shift changes just happened but Kevin wanted to stay with me until I had the baby. All of a sudden Dr. Watters and all of the nurses were at my bedside. Kevin grabbed the camera.

(Dr. Watters)

There is no way I could have done this without Jake's hand, Ashley coaching me (the new labor nurse), and Kevin cheering me on. They are all seriously so amazing.

It's truly so hard to describe what happened next.

A contraction came, I was pushing and her head was crowning. Everyone cheered me on and I could hear Jake's voice and there was so much emotion in it. I actually couldn't believe the amount I was yelling and screaming through the delivery. It was just coming out of me like I had no control. At one point I yelled: "JUST PULL HER OUT!!!" Those were the only actual words... everything else was just pain coming out.

After several pushes her head came out and then a few more pushes and she was out. It was incredible and I felt every second of it.

She was put on my chest and I just marveled at our new baby. 

Her cry was adorable and I was instantly in love. I just kept looking at her, then at Jake, then back at her and was amazed at what just happened. I will never forget those moments.

Her cry was so cute and everyone kept commenting on how cute it was. Her cry and her lips! All the nurses wanted lips like hers.

She was 7 lbs 14.5 oz and 21 inches long.

Brecklyn was a couple of hours old when we felt we could send pictures to family and announce it on Facebook. When I uploaded a few pictures and started to write the caption I just started to get so emotional. She was finally here. I worked so, so hard and here she was!

I will forever be so grateful for such amazing nurses and especially Kevin who cheered me on and knew exactly what I needed. I wouldn't have experienced such an amazing birth without the support that I had.

I can still hardly believe that this is Brecklyn's birth story.

She's here and it feels amazing.


  1. She is beautiful, and her story is beautiful! And I'm going to be completely honest and say I hate you a little bit for looking AMAZING even while pushing a baby out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you do not look like you just had a baby in any of those pictures. So happy for you guys!

  2. You are amazing! And I can't believe you got such amazing pictures. I'm so happy you are done! She is so beautiful.

  3. GO TYRELL!!! After having Sawyer natural, I cannot imagine any other way- your body just pushes them out on its own (that is why I had to cross my legs to stop myself from pushing when my Dr. wasn't there yet) And those oxygen masks are awesome- I couldn't breathe either but those things were amazing lol. I took mine off for a second and felt like I was choking. I can't believe you did it on pitocin- I've read so many stories about that stuff that I refuse to be induced unless I'm like 2 weeks past my due date lol. Ouch! I hope I can be as stong as you here soon- but hopefully it won't take that long. Definitely worth it though :D

  4. I love this :) I'm so emotional waiting for this little guy to come... so of course this totally brings on the tears. I'm so so happy for you, and what an amazing nurse! I swear they make all the difference! You are a powerhouse, by the way ;)

  5. Oh so happy for you! What a great birth story. She looks beautiful and so do you! Congratulations! Love her name as well!

  6. Tyrell that is seriously a BEAUTIFUL story. I got so emotional looking at your pictures and reading your words.I can't believe you did all that after laboring all night. You are amazing! I love the pictures. You can see so much pain in your face but then so much love and RELIEF when you are done and holding her. I seriously, felt the spirit just reading your words. Im so glad you had such an amazing experience. Also I am so glad someone else is a screamer:-)! Love you Rell and Im just so happy for you and your beautiful family; so happy.