Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scooter Boy

When we said Hello to Brecklyn we had no idea that we'd be saying Goodbye to Everett as we knew him. 

He's not a bad kid by any means and he loves Brecklyn dearly, he just changed into big brother mode I guess. 

Or maybe it's just his age and what comes with it. All of a sudden he's more daring and reckless. Brave and a little crazy. 

A few days ago we were in our front yard playing with the neighbor boy (same age) and they started to get a tiny bit out of control. So we went and got their scooters. Neither of the boys were very efficient on their scooters. Everett couldn't go more than 3 feet without crashing and Cian would get so frustrated and give up. But something magic happened... or maybe it was just a little friendly competition... but both boys seemed to figure out their scooters in a matter of minutes and we chased after our boys as they raced around the block several times. 

They were even going down small hills without crashing and their surge of adrenaline was obvious. They were wild and it was fantastic. I swear I've been dreaming of him loving a scooter or a bike or some other outside physical activity for years and it finally happened. 

Yesterday we went to a big park and rode for at least an hour. He was so hot and sweaty when we were through. 

Now he can't get enough of his scooter. We rode again last night as the sun was setting and we went out for a ride first thing this morning. He even wanted to ride it to church but settled for an afternoon ride. 

Maybe now we'll get him a bike for his birthday in a few months...

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