Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tutu Cute

She's two weeks, two days, and too cute. 

She is back up to her birth weight which puts her at 35%, she's 50% for height, and 35% for her head. 

I probably have a thousand pictures of her already so I'm sure there will be a picture overload here pretty soon.

Some days I think she's so huge and then other days I feel like she is so tiny. 

Now that she's back up to her birth weight I just stare at her and I can't figure out how she fit inside of me and how she came out! Making babies is the biggest miracle of all. 

I'm still amazed that I have two of them!


  1. She is precious Tyrell! It's amazing how they fit inside us. I think you should be a photographer one day just so you know ;) I hope you are starting to get some more sleep.

  2. I love these pictures! She is the most precious little girl, I just can't get over how pretty she is!!! And seriously, I stare at my belly and wonder how there is a FULL human in there that will actually fit in those little clothes I have upstairs! It's super odd, but then it explains my extreme discomfort and mental instability right now.... :( ---you give me hope ;)

  3. You are giving me baby cravings!! I need grandchildren! :) She is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!