Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blows My Mind

A few days before my due date vs. 6 weeks after

It seriously blows my mind to know what the body is capable of. It's amazing.

I've been working freakishly hard and I still have a long ways to go before I look like I did before pregnancy but at least I look human again. 

I gained a total of 32 pounds but lost a lot of muscle. So it's more like I gained 40+. 

 1-3 weeks postpartum. 

I lost 19 pounds by the first week but didn't lose another pound until earlier this week. I was starting to get worried that my body wasn't changing because I wasn't losing weight but since my measurements were getting smaller and my clothes were fitting better I figured I was losing fat but gaining muscle in it's place. 

After Everett was born I looked in the mirror at my body and thought "well this is my body now..." but very slowly I ended up getting my body back and eventually got into even better shape. 

So now that I know it's possible (with a lot of really hard work) I'm anxious to get back. It's not just looking good in clothes for me- I like to feel healthy, strong, and capable. Hopefully I'll get there in a couple more months. 


  1. Nicely done! You look great! I remember being so surprised after ketcher was here and my belly was too. It takes a lot to get back, but you are doing it so fast. Good job!

  2. You're already skinnier than people who didn't just have a baby! cough cough, me.