Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brecklyn's Birth Announcement

When my doctor asked for Brecklyn's birth announcement I figured I better make one! So I came home and took some more pictures and luckily Brecklyn was such a good sport. 

Everett's stuffed elephant is quite the photo prop. I laid it on it's side, covered it with her blanket, and it kept her up pretty good. We started in the doorway but quickly went outside because the light and background were better. 

 Luckily I got a few good ones before she was done. 

The first picture is one of my favorites yet so I combined that with a few other favorites and put them in this cute announcement (Wal-Mart). 

(I had to scan it in so it's a little wonky)

It turned out so cute! Now I'm regretting not doing one for Everett... maybe I'll dig through old pictures and put one together of him. I'm totally kidding. But I have been meaning to look though pictures of him as a baby and see how similar the two of them are. Maybe soon :)


  1. Cute! I found a boppy covered in a blanket was a very good prop-up-the-baby device too...that's what we used for all of our pictures. I think the first one is my favorite, she looks so dainty.

  2. Cutest birth announcement ever! I love the first picture too, It's like she is staring right into heaven, or day dreaming about how awesome her life is going to be.
    We were in Mesa this weekend and I thought- "I should see if Tyrell is busy, maybe we could get together! Wait, I don't have her number... maybe I can write her a message on her blog.. no that would be weird, and take too long..."
    It's funny how though blogging I feel like great friends, like we should be able to just get together! - I relate to a lot of your posts and they are often therapeutic for me too, and motivational, anyway I think your great!