Thursday, April 18, 2013


 Do I bribe my child? 
Do the experts recommend it? Probably not. But I do.

"Everett, come take some funny pictures with me and baby sister"
"I'll let you have a Pop Tart"
"YEP! Pop Tart, meee!"

Pop Tarts and popcicles.... that's how I get grocery shopping done. 
Games on my phone... that's how stroller rides happen. 
Cookies... that's how nap time happens.

Bribery... parenting at it's best!


  1. Write a parenting book. I'll buy it the first week it's out:-). You are a great mom!

  2. It totally works. I bribe my kids... and I threaten them. All the stinkin' time. And personally, I think its paid off huge... possibly cuz I'm a little biased, but I think they are relatively well behaved children lol ;) Best method ever.

  3. I think the politically correct or baby book approved word is "rewarding" your children haha. Pretty sure it's the same as bribing, but if you want the experts approval say you are rewarding them;) I don't know how parents can NOT bribe, the great thing is that it works with husbands too! Love the pictures!

  4. Love these pics! I'm gonna copy you!