Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Friendships

I know I've said this a hundred times already but we left a lot of really great friends behind in WA. 

It's hard to find those friends that you just click with. You know, where the girls get along, the husbands get along (and vice versa), the kids get along and you just enjoy spending time with them in general. 

Lucky for us friends who fit the bill perfectly found us just 6 short days after moving here. 

Then they moved 45 minutes away 3 months later. 

But we still hang out. 

And our boys still run around naked together...

And we still talk about our babies and go to their baby blessing...

We still talk about decorating, our husbands, kids, working out and everything else girls talk about. And our husbands talk almost on a daily basis about work (they work for the same company). 

We seem to constantly have emergencies and accidents at each others houses and it's just... normal (and humbling at the same time). 
~Rhett fell in our pool and Julia had to jump in and save him. Both Julia and Rhett have gone home in our clothes. 
~Everett peed on Julia's brand new 'spot clean only' wool rug and then had an explosion that required an emergency bath. 

Our families have a lot of similarities but PLENTY of differences. 

Our boys are almost complete opposites. It's hilarious sometimes. Sometimes it's ridiculous. We joke about putting the boys in the same school so that Rhett can protect Everett!

One day Rhett straight up asked Everett: "Ebrett, you talking yet?" He is so hilarious. 

Julia and I are very different as well, sometimes complete opposites. For example she is very trendy. And she wears pants and long sleeves almost all Summer and I pretty much wear the least amount of (un-trendy) clothes as possible. Plus, she was adorable when we were pregnant and looked a good 10 weeks behind me the entire time. You couldn't even tell she was pregnant until about 30 weeks. No one believed that we had the same due date.

(Sometimes we go on double family dates)

Lucky for us they aren't our only twin-family friends. In fact, I had a fun little capri shopping/frozen yogurt eating girls night with her last night.  It was great. Friends are great. I'm not sure how we would survive without our friends...

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