Friday, April 12, 2013

One Month... Hiccups, Sneezes, and Poops

Our little Brecklyn Baby is one month old already. She is fantastic and makes our family feel more complete. 

She's not a huge fan of the pacifier. In fact she gags on it a little. But she gags on her tongue too. All of the time. Not cool.

She is a MESSY eater. Super messy but she doesn't spit up very much which is nice. She also gulps down air and then has an occasional man burp. 

She's learning to hold her head up. 

Can you say hiccups? Brecklyn can. Like 6 times a day. At least. 

She can sneeze a big sneeze, too. 

She grunts and makes a few completely adorable cooing sounds. 

She was eating every 90 minutes until just a day ago. I'm actually quite grateful that nursing didn't work out because I would have been sentenced to a month of non-stop nursing... Everett and I both might have died. 

I'm pretty sure she sleeps with her eyes open sometimes. 

Either we have a genetic mutation that makes tiny bottoms or she prefers to be constipated and only poop once every other day. I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

 Today was the 'every other' day and she had an epic explosion. EX. PLO. SION.

Here is the 10 step process to cleaning up the explosion

Step 1: Discover the severity of the situation. It's severe.
Step 2: Walk as fast as you can to the baby tub avoiding excess drippage.
Step 3: Using your ninja-mother skills un-velcro diaper over trash can. 
Step 4: Rinse the baby well. 
Step 5: Remove poopy onesie being careful not to rub it in baby's face.
Step 6: Rinse baby again. It's that bad. 
Step 7: Bathe baby.
Step 8: Drain bath water.
Step 9: Re-fill baby tub and repeat step 7. I told you it was bad. 
Step 10: Dry baby and take pictures. 

I was feeling a tiny bit guilty taking pictures as my baby was shivering but then she peed on me so I think she's paid me back. I'm almost positive I was taking this picture as she peed on me...

Now that's the face of guilt and shame...

We had to wash her changing pad cover 3 times in 3 days because of her projectile. So we got smart and just took it off. One time Jake was changing her diaper and dropped the clean one. So he bent down to pick it up and she totally peed off her changing pad and onto his shoulder. And another time when he was changing her she pooped on the wall. 

That's our baby girl!

Holy smokes we love her to pieces. And him...

And he loves her :)


  1. She is sooooo pretty! I love how sunny your house looks too by the way. And also everyone was always saying "Oh yeah boys will pee all over you when you change them. Girls aren't nearly as bad." Well to them I will say "Yeah right." Olivia peed on me when I was trying to change her a lot more than the boys. And it wasn't just pee she let loose during those first few weeks when her diaper was off. How's the mothering of two going? Are you feeling crazy yet :)

  2. Tyrell, it is Tonna Martin. I follow your blog every day! These babies are beautiful and I am so proud of you. Thanks for the update--I was getting a little worried--it had been a week and I was having withdrawal! What a good job you are doing!

  3. did you know your kids are twins!??? AHHH they look the same!

  4. Her eyes are so big and alert! Yes, we never used the changing pad much easier to wipe it off than do laundry lol. That look of shame cracked me up.

  5. The picture of Ev and Brecklyn is A.Dorable!

  6. That is HILARIOUS lol! I love this! And I can relate to the feeding thing. Miles eats NON-STINKIN-STOP! I swear I fed him four times on each side the other night... like in a row four times, THEN had to get a bottle cuz he was still hungry! And I KNOW I am producing milk cuz I leak like a hose and I'm HUGE-MONGUS! I think our little peanuts would be friends :) AND I looooove love that pooper story. You put it perfectly :)