Monday, April 22, 2013

The Love of a Community

When Brecklyn was a week old I wrote thank you letters to my doctor and my delivery nurse because I feel an abundance of gratitude towards them. 

A week later I almost cried at the mailbox because my doctor wrote me back. He's the busiest doctor I've ever had and he actually wrote me back. 

Today at my 6 week appointment I signed in and then noticed my thank you letter to my doctor... framed and on display. I seriously love him so much. 

During my appointment he asked about Brecklyn and how our family was doing and we talked about my birth experience. I told him that I cried for a week because it was so special to me and he said that bringing babies into the world is the most beautiful thing. 

I asked him if he would be my delivery doctor if we had a third and he said as long as it's within the next 25 years. Lol, I'm not sure I'd survive being pregnant at 50- I barely survived at 26. And why am I psycho and thinking about more babies already?! It's a sickness. 

It's probably because Brecklyn wants a sister. Ahhhh... what am I saying!

(I may never get over her cute little dimple!)

Before I left my appointment my doctor said that he'd need another picture of Brecklyn for his 'brag board' because she is such a beautiful baby. I LOVE HIM! (In a very professional patient/doctor kind-of way). 

I am so full of gratitude for the kindness and generosity we've received over the last few months. Neighbors and friends brought us meals for two weeks, the gifts and cards we got in the mail, the sweet comments, one friend even brought over a blanket, sweater, hat, and booties that her mother-in-law knitted for Brecklyn.... people are seriously so kind. 

If you ever want to feel the love of a community... have a baby!


  1. Good post Tyrell. There really are so many good people in the world and I think it is good to be reminded of that especially since the not so kind people are making a lot more noise these days. The wonderful people are always there behind the scenes doing such great work. Oh and her dimple is AMAZING. Seriously, so cute! Good luck with baby number 3:-).

  2. I'm glad your birth experience this time was much more enjoyable! I think B & K should get married because ours has a dimple on the OTHER cheek and that's meant to be lol! You also reminded me I need to order announcements. We never got around to sending Sawyer's picture to our doctor for the brag board, oops!

  3. Babies do seem to bring about so much kindness! Thats awesome you found a dr. you love, and that will be around for a while, because I know it makes all the difference!

    On another note, I won;t let Colter look at pictures of Brecklyn, because I think it would be love at first sight, and he isn't allowed to date yet:) She is seriously so adorable!