Monday, May 27, 2013

Everett turns 3... Ka-Chow!

Everett saw a picture of his 2nd birthday cake on my phone a few weeks ago and he's been talking about it non-stop since. 

He was SO excited for his birthday this year. I didn't even consider throwing a party for him until I saw how excited he was for his cake, blowing out candles, and opening presents. After his "happy poop day" celebration and seeing how happy he was I quickly texted three friends and invited them to a birthday party I hadn't even planned yet. 

Thanks to great ideas and the Internet we had an amazing, last-minute Cars birthday party!

Here's his cake and cupcakes:

I can't get over how awesome the mater cupcakes are!!

We had some snacks, stop light rice krispy treats, and the buckets full of Cars memorabilia were the party favors. 

When each boy arrived they got to color a Cars puzzle while they waited for the other boys. Once everyone got here we played some games. 

We threw water balloons at a Lightning McQueen target...

...and threw bean bags into tires.

(Everett did pretty good!)

And oh my gosh, is this not the cutest picture ever?!!!!!

I love these boys soooo much. 

After our outside games the boys ran around and were crazy for a while. 

Brecklyn just hung out and slept. Actually Julia took care of her most of the night!

Then we went in and played "pin the tooth on Mater"

They all did pretty good. 

Everett opened his gifts...

...and then we sang happy birthday to him and had cake. 

 *Everett has been singing "happy poop-day to you" alllllll day. It is so hilarious!

The party took A LOT of time to execute. The planning, game ideas, cake, decorations, party favors, etc took a lot of work and time but it was all 100% worth it to see the look on Everett's face when we sang happy birthday to him. You could tell that he felt SO special. And he is so special! We love him tons and were so happy to see him so happy. 

I literally get a little teary-eyed to see him so happy! I love this boy. 

Before each friend left, they took a picture with the birthday boy.




These two are like brothers. I could not get them to hold their signs right or look at the camera. In fact, if you noticed, Everett held the sign in front of his face in most of the pictures!

I'm quite certain it's the best party I've ever thrown. It was great and it was so cute to see how special Everett felt. 

Everett held his new toys hostage from the other boys all evening. Later he opened the gifts from his grandparents. 

We let him stay up and play with his new toys and he's still playing... it's 10:30! 

We are the best parents ever. 

I'm so grateful for Everett and the happiness he brings into our lives. He's a great little guy and I'm glad he's mine. Happy 3rd Birthday Everett!


  1. That was an awesome party! The cake and cupcakes turned out amazing! Nicely done!

  2. Why are you so good at this stuff??? You're a way cool mom, ugh I envy your creativeness

  3. So Isaac is having a Cars party next week and I have NOTHING planned. Thanks for the inspiration! :)