Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family Skate NIght

We went rollerskating last night. 

I have to be honest... I'm pretty sure we would've never gone rollerskating if it wasn't for our 'twin family friends' that invited us. They are so good for us.

And you know what? We had a lot of fun! (I've always loved it but I wasn't sure about my boys)

Everett was a CHAMP! We were so proud of him. In fact, he had so much fun that when the night was over and they turned out the light Everett just sat in the middle of the rink... pouting a little. 

Rhett had to go and get him :)

So cute, right?

I'm thinking we might have to go skating again some time soon! 

And just for laughs, we looked up some roller derby names:

  1. Daisy Nuke
  2. Ida Capitate
  3. Helena Handbasket
  4. Meat Cleavage
  5. Crash Dance
  6. Booty Crocker
  7. Andromeda Sprain
  8. Andreas' Fault
  9. Fairy Painful
  10. Mo Skeeto
  11. Miss Hitty
  12. Mega Jules
  13. Meanie Baby
  14. Rainbow Bite
  15. Raising Pain
  16. Rambo Brite
  17. Rapp Scallion
  18. Raven Nevermore
  19. Raya Light
  20. Dawn Corleone

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  1. Oh I love skating. I was thinking of taking Sawyer soon and since Everett loved it, I want to go even more. At our rink they have the same skates for kids as adults but they lock up the wheels so they kind of just walk around lol. I always thought my derby name would be monsoon.