Sunday, May 5, 2013

'Finger' Paints

The other day Everett and I painted. 

With some finger paints. 

But we used brushes. 

Everett has toddler sized heart attacks when his hands get dirty. 

Finger foods that have the potential to leave anything on your fingers (pizza/peanut butter & jelly) are very time consuming for him to eat because I have to calm his heart attacks and wipe his hands constantly. 

So we use brushes with finger paints. 

He's a pretty good painter. He painted the green "stucco" on the house for me. 

I think Everett and I both lack creativity when it comes to drawing or painting. We both prefer to have a coloring book page that we just need to color in. 

Oh well. I think our creativity in other areas makes up for it. 

The very next day he wanted to paint again. 

So this time I drew a choo choo for him in pencil so that he could paint it in. 

He painted it. 

And then (surprisingly) himself. 

Avoiding the fingers, of course. 

But not the eyes!

Everett is so great.

Even if he has dirty-finger heart attacks all of the time!

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