Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Like Being Called 'Mom'

Mother's day. I like it. I like celebrating womanhood and our divine role in God's plan. 

An older gentleman spoke in church about motherhood. He's been an OBGYN for a long time... delivering over 30,000 babies and has been an important person in many mothers' lives. He gave an amazing talk that spoke straight to my heart. It was a great way to start out mother's day. 

Everett made me a gift in nursery...

... and every woman received a rose and chocolates. 

I love church... and I LOVE my children. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to raise these beautiful little people.

It's hard and challenging but I know my efforts are worth it.


  1. Brings me back...I love reading about your little family and seeing your happy pictures. Yes, it's hard but yes, it's worth every single second!! Enjoy it.

  2. you love church?? LOL you go girl.

    Anyway you look super pretty with your two cute kids! love your little family