Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Now That He's 3

I've been telling people that Everett's 3 for the longest time. Now that he really is 3 I thought I better write down what he's like. Well he's awesome... and awful at the same time! But isn't that the very definition of a 3 year-old?!

He has the memory of an elephant. If you tell him that he can have or do something after his nap... the second he wakes up he will run out of his room and remind you. Every single time. Once Jake told him that he would come in and lay down with him while he fell asleep (this was Jake's way to get him in his bed). Jake never went in to lay down with him but Everett fell asleep. When Everett woke up he was SOOOOOOOOOOO mad at Jake. Wouldn't look at him or accept an apology for hours. In fact, he was kicking and punching Jake. (That's a new thing. I think he only kicks and punches when he can't verbalize his emotions).

His favorite word is probably "YEP"

I tried asking him a bunch of questions like "what's your favorite color/car/friend etc and he just kept telling me noooooooooo. Punk. 

He still thinks that cars and trains are the coolest things ever. We pretty much run around the mall chasing the train. (He's only ridden in it once because it's $4 to ride! Yikes)

He likes to help make cookies and cakes.

We've been making a granola bar concoction for a couple years now. I started adding chia seeds to the mix and it's helping his butt issues tremendously. He likes it so much he straight up eats it with a spoon. Like a typical toddler he's extremely picky so it's nice he at least eats this. It's oats, ground flax seed, chia seed, honey, vanilla, and peanut butter (that's just peanuts). Sometimes I'll add rice krispys and mini chocolate chips if we have any. 

And the best part is that we call them cookies. We made them today and we had this 'conversation'

Everett: Chee chees, chee chees!
Me: Everett, say cookies
Chee chees

Haha, he's the best. At least he tries to repeat us these days. It's the first time in his life that he's actually tried to say what we say. 

He's still a picky eater but now it's even worse. (Was that possible?!) He has texture issues. He pretty much only like crunchy except for a few foods. Going out to eat with him is fine as long as he has a drink. If we're lucky he might try something... at Chipotle he will eat a tortilla. 

He has a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich for at least one meal everyday. But if you don't make it just right his world is ending. First of all he thinks he hates peanut butter so you have to hide it in there. Second, if "jeh-wee" falls out of his sandwich at any time while he's eating it you can count on a melt down. Same thing if his hands get "dir-wee" (dirty). 

If his granola bar falls apart while he's eating it he has a heart attack and usually won't eat the broken pieces.... and of course he eats it with the wrapper wrapped around the bottom so his hands won't get "dir-wee". 

Baby steps. 

He'll eat as much sugar as he possible can. He's my son all right! His favorite is the Dreyers coconut popcicles.  

He's starting to use his imagination more. It's the first time in his life and he'll actually play independently for a short time. It's fantastic. He plays really good with his Cars toys and the barn and animals we got him last year for his birthday. 

His Cars toys go with him everywhere. In the car, stroller, bathtub, pool, and even to bed. 

He likes to hang out with Jake and do guy things. 

He has grown a lot this year. He was 35 inches last year and he's 38 inches now (75%). He weighs 32.4 pounds (50%). 

He's still extremely emotional and sensitive. 

He get's an A+ for bravery (compared to last year and earlier this year). We got him a balance bike for his birthday and he just hoped on and starting going (not too fast though). 

He gets tested for speech therapy one more time this summer (for the 4th time) and if he fails bad enough to pass (haha) then he'll go to speech therapy school next year. If that doesn't happen I'll put him in preschool for social and educational purposes. He does amazing at nursery on Sundays but he is a social hermit at any public place. 

He won't play at a park or at the mall unless he goes there with a friend (or I play with him). I took him to a splash pad last week and he stood there and watched the other kids play for 20+ minutes and refused to play.

Isn't that the saddest thing ever?

It's SO exhausting getting everyone and everything ready to go somewhere for Everett's social benefit and then he just stands there or straight up refuses. It happens every time but I know it's important for me to try. And try and try. But I'm almost positive that if I dropped him off at preschool he'd be forced to learn to interact with his peers. 

Reading time at the library ='s no way. 

I took him to this Wednesday program at the mall and it was another failed attempt. 

It sure is exhausting trying to raise this little guy. Sometimes I am so grateful that he was sent to me because I (surprisingly) have an abundance of patience with him. There was another little kid at the splash pad that was equally apprehensive and the dad was getting so impatient and mad at the little boy and just shoved him out there. They didn't last long. We didn't succeed either but at least Everett didn't have a bad experience. 

He's actually pretty obedient which is amazing. If we agree he can stay up for 5-10 minutes before bed/nap and set the timer... he will go to his room when the timer goes off. 

He responds well to "you can  _______ or you can go on timeout" and "if you eat all of your _______ you can have a cookie" etc. 

He still wakes up at night about 2-4 nights a week. It's pretty exhausting. 

He always wants us to hold him now that he has a baby sister and whenever she 'touches' him he yells "OW!" So the sibling rivalry begins...

Well, that's Everett now that he's 3. 


  1. You're a good mom, youdo fun activites with him. One day he will be the sweetest most loving, sensitive husband lol good job tyrell, he's a cutie

  2. Being a Mom is overwhelming and exhausting. But I personally think you are doing a fantastic job :) He is so lucky to have you for a Mommy, and I love how above and beyond you go at trying to understand him and help him progress... its seriously heart warming :) I just pray that my kids don't grow up to think I'm a crazy cranky mess--- but such is life with a newborn.