Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Potato's Face

*You can just skip right to the pictures if you want...

The other night Julia and I sat outside of Yogurtland and talked about the motherly issues we are facing.

For me, my struggle is Everett. Specifically, getting him to play.

Everett and I are so different... yet the same.
When he was little we spent so much time outside. It didn't matter the temperate, if we were in the front yard or backyard, in the stroller or bike trailer, at the park or in the street- he just loved to play and be outside.

Now, I can't get him outside. It's a chore. I have to use creative thinking to get him outside...

He would rather sit on the couch inside and watch a movie, play on the phone, or watch youtube on the computer. (These are all alternatives because we canceled cable 3 months ago because all he wanted to do was watch cartoons.) He in an electronic junkie and I hate it.

This is where Everett and I are opposites.

Jake has to beg me to sit and watch a movie with him. Watching TV is the very last thing on my list. I would rather clean the house, fold the laundry, blog, create something... I always want to do something where I can see the outcome. A clean house, no laundry pile, a blog post, etc. (which isn't necessarily a good thing).

So if I were a kid, I feel like I'd want to build a block tower, make a Play-Doh snowman, read a book, color a picture, make a sand castle, etc.

So I struggle with ways to get Everett to actually be a kid and play. I want him to WANT to play outside, to WANT to ride his scooter or bike, to WANT to build a fort and use his imagination.

So the very next day when I told Everett for the 27th time that he couldn't watch a movie/computer/phone but that we could play _______ (multiple fill-in-the-blanks) he finally agreed to Play-Doh.

We have several hand-me-down Mr. Potato Heads in the same bin as the Play-Doh. Everett has never been interested in the spuds... until yesterday. He didn't even touch the Play-Doh once he realized his creative potential with the potato.

I WAS LAUGHING SOOOOOOOO HARD!!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying. It might have been because I was so tired I was practically delirious, but I was loving it.

And I was so happy that he was actually enjoying playing, being a kid, and using his imagination.

We sorted all the potato parts out and I let him make his own.

This is what he came up with!!!!:

Cracked me up! I was laughing so hard. It's just so hilarious to me!

He kept pointing at the hole above the eyes. I asked him what he thought went there... he said: Hmmmm (his answer to any question you ask him).

So I took the spare spud and showed him that the potato needed eyes, a nose, and a mouth:

Haha, so he grabs the little potato face piece and sticks it where they eyes go. 

He kept rearranging until he had created his masterpiece. 

It still makes me smile!

It was one of those happy mother moments that you wish happened way more often than they do. Thankfully I was able to fully enjoy Everett's creativity while Brecklyn napped on the couch. 

I caught a little of him playing on the camera. I'm not sure why it sounds like he says poop so often but I'm just happy when he can say anything

And that was our little potato adventure. It was totally hilarious and completely enjoyable. Hopefully it will happen again! Maybe I'll even get Everett outside soon.

*I love these two. I used to wonder if I was a good mom and if I was doing things right. I don't worry about that anymore. I am a good mom. A really good mom. (And it has nothing to do with Everett building a Mr. Potato Head... I just realized it the other day and wanted to say it out loud.)


  1. You are a wonderful mom! I love those happy sounds while he plays! What a sweet boy!

  2. My boys are video game junkies, too! We're going through detox right now because I've realized its gotten pretty bad. So far I kinda wanna take a few razor blades to the ears. . .the whining is KILLING me. Just don't give up! (That's what my mom just told me when I called her because I'm about to break something. . .)