Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Year's Garden = Epic Fail

Several months ago I googled when to plant a garden in Phoenix, AZ. 

It said something like plant your garden around Feb 15thish or it's too hot. Being massively pregnant it took me 10 days to get the motivation. 

I got all of our pots out, filled them with dirt, plated a few seeds, watered and waited. Then we had a giant rain storm, had a baby, watered whenever I remembered... which resulted in sun-fried plants. 

(This was the best looking of the bunch before I threw them all out)

There was a little garden box in our backyard... but coming from WA I figured I needed the sunniest/hottest place in our yard... and the garden box wasn't there. It was actually in the shadiest place.

The garden box turned out to be the best place. Lol, the previous gardener obviously knew more than me! A tomato plant just popped up in the box and is thriving... while all of my other plants crisped-up and died in the hot sun. 

Lesson learned. Maybe next year will bring better luck!

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