Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Months... Nicknames

Porkchop is two months old already. Already? Already!

Everett and I took Little Sister to the doctor the other day for her check-up and shots. 

Baby Sister is 11 lbs 1 oz (60%) and 24 inches (95%) and it's obvious that she's growing. I swear she looks a little different every morning. Jake says the same thing when he comes home from work. 

Our little Sweetheart is very, very constipated. Like every 4-5 days constipated. So she hopped on the MiraLax bandwagon for now. (I'm pretty sure we should buy stock in MiraLax.)

Girly-Girl got her shots and it broke my heart a little bit. She is the sweetest baby ever and is SOOO good to us so to see her little lip quiver, pout, and then cry made me want to take the shots for her.

 (Totally rockin' the Band-Aids!)

I still put Sweet Girl in newborn size onesies. They still fit and I just LOVE tighter/form-fitting clothes on my babies. It makes it so much easier to handle them and it's cute.... although it's about time to graduate to the 0-3 month size.

Brecklyn practically puts herself to bed at 9, wakes up to eat around 2 and 5, and is ready for the day around 7. Like I said, she is fantastic. Sleeping during the day it just whatever.
*She's been in her own room for a month already.

*She doesn't need to be swaddled... in fact, I think she prefers to sleep with her arms in the "football goal" position.
*She eats anywhere from 2-6 ounces every 2-3 hours. She's super inconsistent.
*She seems to have sensitive skin... a new rash is always popping up on her face.
*She likes her bath and usually gets excited and rides her imaginary bike in the water.

*She smiles when I talk to her (I swear she almost laughed once) and likes to show me her many faces.
*She has been really fussy the last few days and I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with her constipation and shots. (Like don't put me down or I'll yell at you kind-of fussy.)

*She is very cooperative when it comes to family outings and running errands.
*We call her lots of different things. Jake named her Porkchop while we were still in the hospital. It just came out and he has no idea where it came from but I'm sure it's here to stay. 


  1. So I had to laugh. Miles just had his 1 month and weighs the EXACT same as cute Brecklyn! Hah. Didn't I say he eats nonstop?! I love all of her cute little faces! She is adorable!

  2. AAAND I just realized they are the EXACT same in length too! So funny!