Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Dating :)

When Jake and I were married we were given the advice to always put eachother before our children. 

Sadly, this is the only piece of advice I remember from the ceremony. So it must have been important! 

We've been going on family dates for a while now, and we will continue to, but we've been able to go on two dates in the last two months without kids and it's nice. Really nice. (You know how nice it is to not have to un-buckle carseats at every place you stop!)

When Jake's family was visiting last month, the two of us snuck out for some sushi and then stopped at Bahama Bucks (shaved ice). 

I didn't really have food cravings with Brecklyn... but now that I'm not pregnant I want shaved ice every second of the day. Specifically birthday cake, wedding cake, and sugar cookie flavors. 

I'm such a sweets junkie. 

Earlier this week Jake and I went to see Ironman 3 at the IMAX in 3D. You know how long Jake has been talking about seeing Ironman 3?! A loooooong time! 

Our babies stayed at home with a good friend. Everett even cried when she left. I think we'll be calling her again soon! 

No matter how old we get, how long we've been married, or how many kids we have hopefully we'll always be able to go on dates because it's so nice to date Jake again!

Sure do love him! 

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