Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bikram Yoga

I bought a groupon for Bikram yoga about a month after Brecklyn was born. 

I've always liked yoga so I thought a 10 class pass would be great. 

I went the other day.

Well, I didn't know that hot yoga/bikram yoga was SO different than 'regular' yoga!!

Holy hot!!!

They keep the room at 120 degrees and 40% humidity. 

The website said to bring a yoga mat, a bath towel (to put over your yoga mat), and water and to wear shorts and a sports bra. 

They're 90 minute classes!!!

After I got used to (basically) breathing in hot water it wasn't that bad. Pretty cool actually. My bath towel was soaking wet by the time class was over. 

I haven't been back since but hopefully I can go at least a few more times before my pass expires!

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  1. I work next door to the hot yoga place and their window is tinted but I can still see in, it looks pretty tough! I hate being hot and I hate yoga so it isn't for me but some people swear by it. I like to watch the people come out in the winter and have steam coming off their heads ;)