Monday, July 1, 2013

Extra... Rolls, Bubbles, & Cute

Hello cute girl!!

Baby Breckie has been rolling over from her back to her stomach for almost a month now. She used to do it only at night while she was in her crib. 

She hated being on her tummy so she would cry until we rolled her over. 

It was really weird because neither of us had seen her roll over until a few days ago. She would also do 180's in her crib which was really weird too. You put your baby to bed one way and a few hours later she's on her stomach or her head is at the other end of the crib!

But anyways, she's growing up so fast. 

She rolls over all of the time now. 

And blows spit bubbles like a machine.

(She likes to pinch her tummy when she's naked so she's hardly ever naked.) 

She can also hold something now... but chances are she'll try to eat it. 

And she is STILL wearing her newborn onesies. Either these are magic onesies that grow with your baby or she's been cursed with her mama's short torso.

She's wearing a newborn onesie in the photo above and you can see that it still fits great... so I'm guessing I just handed down the short body. 

Poor girl. 

Oh well, she's been blessed with extra cuteness to make up for the shortness!


  1. She is SO cute! I can't get over it!

  2. She really is so cute! I love her big eyes! So pretty. And also I would say to her, "Dang girl!" Pretty impressive on the rolling over thing. I will admit that after I heard she was rolling over I put Livvy on the floor and was like, "Come on girl, lets see some action." She did not respond well to my encouragement. :) So for now she is still just a lump.