Sunday, June 30, 2013


So we moved two weeks ago and I'm just now getting to sorting out the office/craft room. There's a lot of stuff in here. 

For some reason (now that we have the biggest house we've ever lived in) I have the urge to throw everything away. Now that we have tons of space I want to get rid of it?

So I've been going through boxes and tossing things I don't need and won't need anymore. And what do you know?... I came across this beauty. 


Oh. My. Gosh. 

That picture cracks me up. For one, I don't even kind-of look cute or attractive in anyway and we are awkwardly posed around a live koala that Jake felt the need to reach across his body and touch for the picture. And two, I'm glow-in-the-dark white.... that's not the flash, that's how white I was living under a sky of clouds in WA. 

(Jake and I got to go on this amazing trip to Australia 3 1/2 years ago and it was a trip of a lifetime. Truly amazing and we talk about it all of the time. I was 7+ months pregnant with Everett and obviously looking like a whale and as white as white can be.) 

I can't believe how white I was... well, yes I can but why didn't someone say "put some pants on, you're blinding me" in these next pictures from the cruise we went on 8 months later... and what's with the awkward photos?!!??!?!!!

I'm so white I'm almost green!

Haha, I love looking through old pictures and re-living highlights from yesteryear. Maybe in the future it won't look light someone put highlighter or white-out on my legs!

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