Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our Little Swimmers

It's HOT. 

The pool is warm. Bath-water warm. 

So we decided it was time for Brecklyn's first swimming lesson. 

Lesson #1: Learn to love the water. 

She passed. 

She was kickin' and wiggling like crazy. 

She makes a pretty cute swimmer too!

Or the most adorable girl swimmer that's ever swam in this pool...

...because the most adorable boy swimmer would be Everett! 

He's been swimming SO good this year. Jake has been working with him on a few things (like treading water while keeping his mouth closed!) and he is doing really good. He's still doesn't like to go underwater (especially on purpose) but I can't blame him, I hate getting my hair wet too!

*I adore the way she looks at him!

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  1. Dang chicka! I wasn't kidding in my previous comment, how the heck do you get so skinny so fast! You've motivated me ;) Hopefully I can stick with my plan... I'm so tired of fat clothes. ---If I had a million bucks I'd fly down there today and take a swim in that pool of yours... and we could drink lemonade and let sweet Brecklyn and Miles get to know each other. Then, I'd come home and use another good chunk of cash to get some projects done around here. Bahaha... its an illness. Missing you!

    --btw, AWESOME news with Everett!!! So happy for you!