Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Three Months... Boogers

This little baby girl of ours is 3 months already. 

She's just the most darling little thing ever!

Recently, she decided that tummy time wasn't all that bad and she'll keep her head up for a little while before she starts yelling. 

She's also been able to focus on something and grab it. 

And she loooooves her fingers. 
It's hilarious when she sucks on her fingers for a minute and then gets a look on her face like her fingers were the most disgusting thing she's ever tasted. 
It's priceless. 

She really likes to look at herself in the mirror. She usually just smiles and smiles at herself...

...or gets a look of shock! Who's that pretty lady? WHAT?! It's me?!

She's still a little too small for the big toys... hahaha :)

She has only slept through the night 3 times but usually only wakes up once to eat between 9 and 6.
She can roll from her back to her stomach.
She's pretty good to us.

This month was the month of boogers. I had to use the booger sucker on her nose every morning for most of the month. We never, ever used it on Everett. But then my mom told me that it's probably because we live in the desert now and lived in the rain forest then. 
She's still captain constipation. But we can pretty much count on that for years to come. 
She still eats every 2-3 hours. Never more than 4 ounces. She's getting chunky!

Little Miss Brecklyn is still the queen of funny faces. 

We love her sooooo much. 
She's the best little girl we've ever had!


  1. Oh good heavens, she melts my heart!

  2. i laughed so hard at the one where she is too small for the toys LOL

  3. That last picture deserves an award!!