Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Home!

Well, we did it. We bought a house. 

A little over 10 months ago we moved from Washington to Arizona. I was chasing the sunshine and Jake was chasing me! Lol, there's a lot more to it than that, but it came down to weather and work for our family.

A week after we moved to AZ Jake started training for his new job as a financial advisor at Edward Jones. Before moving to AZ we knew that Jake's office could be anywhere in the state so we picked a central location.

We ended up in a nice house with a grassy yard and a pool right in the middle of town. It was fantastic. We were pretty much 5 minutes from anything... including the mall and hospital where Brecklyn was born.

It was amazing.

Once Jake passed his tests it was time for him to pick an office location. He weighed all of his options and picked an office 35 minutes from our house.

It was a bummer for him to have to commute so far everyday but he really felt that his office location was the best for him.

The only problem was that I didn't love how far away his office was from the town I'd grown to love.

In fact, I could have sworn with my whole heart that I would NEVER, EVER live in the town his office was in. (Only for the fact that it is a smaller town (but still WAY bigger than the town I grew up in) and 20-30 minutes from the mall and big stores).

I've just grown to love the 'city'.

But as my good friend would say, "you become what you criticize."

Now we live in that smaller town. In fact, we bought a great, big, beautiful house in that town and we are here to stay. We are going to dig our roots sooooo deep that we can't ever move again because we don't want to move ever again. Plus, Jake's commute is only about 12 minutes now which is super nice!

This is the third house we've purchased in our almost 7 years of marriage. We lived in the first house for 6 months before we sold it and moved to WA. We lived in our second house for 9 months before we sold it and moved to AZ. As you can see, we aren't very good at living in the houses we've owned for very long. It's like we get cold feet and then make a huge move several states away. But honestly, I don't know where we'd go or what we'd do so I hope we stay here for a very, very long time.

There were so many if's and's or but's about buying this house and so many hoops to jump through. Buying a house keeps getting harder so we hope this is the last time for a long time. Have I said that enough!?

We moved in last Saturday, cleaned out our old house on Tuesday, then left for Jake's annual work trip/vacation/meetings to Tucson on Thursday. We just got back yesterday and are seriously exhausted.

We are excited and feeling very blessed to call this house home!


  1. Congrats!! Being a faithful (and probably somewhat psycho) follower of your blog I was speculating that something big was taking place because of the unusual gaps between posts. Glad it's some good and exciting news! Also if you had an enormous amount of activity on your last post, don't worry, it was just me-- waiting around for something new. What can I say, I love your blog!

  2. So exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures.